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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 1, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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from africa. and gaddafi walked in and you said, "you disgust me." it was upsetting. see you tomorrow. >> bret: a dead even race, five days go. now both candidates back on the stump full time. new documents, new disclosures and new questions in the libya scandal tonight. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. close and bitter race for president interrupted by nature's wrath heading to the home stretch tonight. 19 million americans have already voted, the big day tuesday is just five days away. president obama is trying to make up for the lost time in the campaign trail. after a three-day pause to deal with hurricane sandy. mitt romney is hoping to ride post debate momentum in to the oval office. we start with chief political
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correspondent carl cameron with the governor in virginia. >> in a three rally swing across battleground state of virginia where he leads by half a point to real clear politics average of recent polls, romney resumed the post hurricane criticism of obama's presidency. >> we need change. for real change we have to take a different course. i will get the economy going from day one we are making changes. >> government reported consumer confidence is at the highest point since obama took office. romney if a new ad mocks the president for resurrecting a proposal on monday rejected by the congressional republicans earlier in year. for a new cabinet level secretary of business. romney slammed him on the stump for it, too. >> find something to suggest it will be better over the next fur years. we game up with an idea that he will create the department of business. i don't think adding a new chair in cabinet will help add millions of jobs on main street. >> the obama camp feigned shock at romney's disdain.
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>> this is an idea that republicans should have rushed to embrace when it was proposed on january 13. proposal for smaller, smarter, more efficient government. what is the thing that the republicans supported. >> new "associated press" poll shows by 10-point margin, more voters trust romney to break the stalemate in washington than president. >> how about four more years of gridlock in washington? >> no! >> governor romney's wife ann campaigning alone joining him tomorrow for the final stretch. >> women have been coming up to me and saying please help. women. women are saying we're hurting, all the voices of the americans are out there that need help. the only thing i can tell them is help is on the way. >> three new races show tied in new hampshire where romney has vacation home, and wisconsin, paul ryan's home state and iowa where president leads by six. democrats warn it's closer than that. in colorado, romney has the edge.
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50-47. within the rasmussen margin of error. even the ground game to get out the vote looks like a tossup. the latest pew research study says across the country obama campaign reached 11% of likely voters. only 10% for the romney campaign. look at the swing state. the romney campaign has an edge to reach 14% of likely voters, only 13 from the obama camp. >> bret: carl, thank you. president obama switching things up a bit. for the final push. chief white house correspondent ed henry is with the president in las vegas. >> wardrobe change for president obama. flashing a bomber jacket from air force one to remind even he is still commander-in-chief for now. and while aides are also promising a change in message, with a new more positive tone in his final case -- >> our fight goes on because we know this nation cannot succeed. without a growing, thying middle class. >> he is still going negative on romney with the campaign today charging the republican would be rubber stamp for the right wing. >> he is saying he is the
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candidate of change. well, let me tell you, wisconsin, we know what change looks like. governor is all for ensuring change. giving more power back to the biggest banks isn't change. leighing millions without health insurance isn't change. another $5 trillion tax cut to favor wealthy isn't change. >> the punches are still flying because the president knows the race is far from over. especially since he is still waiting for friday's october jobs report. one of the last unknowns about the race. today, weekly applications for unemployment benefits dropped to a seasonally adjusted $363,000. level consistent modest, but not robust hiring. mixed news as well for the president in the latest fox news poll. which shows that approval of the handling of the economy among likely voters has risen ten points compared to two years ago. yet, when asked who they trust to do a better job on the economy, the president gets
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just 43% while romney is at 52%. >> it is good to be back in green bay, wisconsin. >> the president is also playing defense with his itinerary in the final stretch. three stops in wisconsin, a state he wanted to lock down long ago. plus two stops in iowa and six cities in ohio. where he hopes victories will provide a midwestern firewall. the president may be less optimistic in the south where he is making only one visit each to florida and virginia, and has no plans to visit north carolina. >> we have never had north carolina for a year. out of the republican column. sure enough, that is where it will be on tuesday. >> this week, the president campaign also started pouring money to democratic-leaning states. michigan, minnesota, pennsylvania. note that commander-in-chief jacket was only slipped on after all the president's storm work. new york city city mayor michael bloomberg hard hit by the storm happened to pick today to endorse the
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president. bret? >> bret: ed henry live in las vegas. thank you. now to our continuing investigation in the libya scandal. there is new evidence tonight that september's terror attack on the u.s. mission in libya that killed the u.s. ambassador and three others had some element of inside help. chief intelligence coach catherine herridge has the update. >> one month before the benghazi attack, the classified cable reviewed by fox news warned the state department that libyan militia was infiltrated by islamists and could not be trusted. "certain sectors of the brigade were hesitant to share information." >> it's a direct evidence you can't rely on libyans and we can't defend consulate and direct evidence there is al-qaeda people in the region. >> new documents recovered from the benghazi compound by the foreign policy magazine show that in the early morning hours of september 11, the consulate staff believed they were under surveillance. this person was photographing the inside of the u.s. special
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mission. and furthermore, this person was part of the police unit sent to protect the mission. this is consistent with online post from sean smith, avid gamer before it was overrun with terrorists. smith was killed. "assuming we don't die tonight we saw one of the police guarding the come pound taking pictures." the classified cable sent to hillary clinton noted by headquarters that the situation on the ground was so dire in the long-term the consulate would take the extreme step of moving in with the cia at the annex which also came under attack on 9/11. >> the conditions on the ground were such that literally the back were up against the wall. they had no options left. >> reservations about the libyan security, escalates violence, rise of demolition central to the classified table sent in mid-august, forshadows the commando style attack. >> if one could ask why didn't the state department respond to requests for enhanced security in benghazi, especially with the kind of
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information that this cable reveals. a number of explanations come to mind. to me it's the ide log call explanation that the war on -- ideological explanation that war on terror is over and al-qaeda is defeated. >> multiple sources on the ground tell fox news low level improvements made at the consulate compound, adding barbed wire. separately in column at the "washington times" retired admiral who once commanded pacific fleet criticized administration lack of action when the consulate came under attack writing "courage was lacking and the decisive and immediate action might have saved lives of four americans." >> bret: knowing what we know, is there any chance that the classified cable about the emergency meeting would not have made it to the national security council? or to the white house? to the situation room? >> based on review of the cable it's not possible. had to get to white house. >> bret: we'll keep digging. we're trying to fine out more
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about what happened before, during, after the september 11 attack in libya. tonight, senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler reports on who some of the people who are i have v answers. >> in the aftermath of attack in libya, one trying to paint a picture of when and why is someone we haven't heard of. >> why were requests for assistance denied. >> they're asking several administration officials how they advised mr. obama. he has been a less public figure than rice. or general james enjoys. president obama's first national security advisor who reported questioned the foreign policy credentials. the mistaken characterization of the benghazi attack have one thing in common.
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>> they're consistent with the administration spinning the story so it has least impact on the president re-election campaign. >> the experience in the democratic presidential campaigns goes back to jimmy carter, but james carafano says political advice in not in his job description. >> they're supposed to focus on the national security policy. >> domestic policy guru valerie jarret accused to advise president foreign policy though the white house flatly denies it. the president's critics concede mistaken claims by benghazi attack supported by c.i.a. director david petraeus and the director of national intelligence clapper. >> the white house clearly had to get their information from clapper and petraeus. that to me is beyond anything i ever imagined from the individuals and the agencies. >> even analysts who don't think the white house tried to misinform feel it still made classic mistake. >> never ever in the beginning
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and the heat, confuse, the fog of any crisis reach hard and fast conclusions. because usually not always, usually they're wrong. >> aaron david miller says takesteins was a courageous risks because of his bond with the libyan people. secretary of state clinton says ambassador can't be effective if he or she hides behind walls. bret? >> wendell, thank you. activists in syria say the rebels killed 37 soldiers during attacks on military check points today. a wave of bombings pounded damascus and the outskirts. this video purports to show a government fighter jet near the capital. there are pictures said of damage in city of aleppo. still ahead -- one of the president's biggest supporters in the clergy says all white people are going to hell. and it's not who you think it is. that is later in grapevine. up next, early voting problems in ohio. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop?
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>> bret: we have been keeping you aware of voter fraud and other problems throughout the country this election season. tonight, senior correspondent eric shawn is in the key state of ohio. good evening, eric. >> reporter: good evening, bret. imagine voting for your presidential candidate on one of those touch screen machines. you push his name but the "x" goes to the other guy. several voters across the country have been telling us that has happened to them. in nevada, north carolina, and here in battleground swing state of ohio. we're in the lorain county board of elections. they are not having problems here. but marion county, ohio, a woman said it happened to her. her name is joan stevens and she said he is voted for romney, up popped obama's name. did it again. three times she said until she was able to cast a correct ballot. >> i did know if it happened to anybody else or not but
3:16 pm
this is the first time in all the years we voted this has ever happened to me. >> election officials there say there is no problem. they blame human error that people bang the machine. secretary of state ofness ross miller tells us it's nearly technically impossible to preprogram the machines that similar allegations have been without merit. joan says check your vote. >> bret: keep pressing or let somebody know. >> exactly. paper trail, too, so check that also. >> okay. >> bret: thank you. a lot of things that were turned off and shut down because of hurricane sandy are back on tonight. we have two reports beginning with correspondent david lee milner manhattan tonight. good evening, david. >> good evening, bret. as if it's slow motion, the city is gradually returning to normal. the water level behind me at the underpass is dropping, thanks to efforts by the army corps of engineers they
3:17 pm
installed pumps. getting in and around the city takes patience and a great deal of time. the good news, there is partial mass transit. buses on the road. number of the subway lines are up and running. commuter trains partially been restored. airports are operating. driving, that is not easy. all cars must have three occupants. gasoline is in short supply. the local leaders said they felt neglected. bloomberg says recovery citywide takes time. >> there are people who are now transitioning from shock to the real world problems. how do you get water and how do you get food. working on those.
3:18 pm
>> there are a million new yorkers statewide that still don't have power. hundreds of thousands live in lower manhattan. the good news we're told at least in manhattan, all the lights they say should be back on as soon as this weekend. now, with the latest about what is happening across the hudson and the state of new jersey, here is my colleague rick leventhal. >> there are dangerous conditions up and down the new jersey shore, including here on long beach island with the gas leaks, power line, utility polls down. debris in the roads. 2 million customers without power in this state alone. curfews and mandatory evacuation order remain in effect for coastal residents urged to stay off the roads because of standing water. debris and traffic lights still out. there is another reason not to drive. 75 to 80% of new jersey gas stations can't sell fuel because they don't have electricity to power pump. stations that are open in some cases have lines miles long with hundreds of cars a waits
3:19 pm
of three to four hours. the mayor said there is dead in the water with no running water no, sewer no, electricity no, natural gas or telephone service. he estimates the daniel in this community alone at $700 million. the clean-up is only just beginning. >> bret: de stating. rick, thanks. still ahead, one place in ohio the election is over. we'll explain. first, former secretary of state james baker gives us his take on election 2012. ...seems like you guys got a little gassed out there. enough already. c'mon guys. next question. mr. lewis? what's your favorite color? what's my favorite color? yes. purple. what's your favorite animal? sea turtle. what's your bedtime? do you believe in space aliens? ...i love puppies. hash browns or home fries? home fries. do you like my dress? why can't you guys ask good questions like this?
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>> bret: we are five day aceway from finding out who will occupy the white house
3:23 pm
for the next four years. with us tonight a man who has worked for three presidents. james baker was secretary of state and white house chief of staff for george h.w. bush. treasury secretary and white house chief of staff for ronald reagan. and undersecretary of commerce for gerald ford. he joins us from houston. hello, mr. secretary. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, bret. delighted to be with you. >> bret: your sense ofthe election and the importance this time around. >> guest: i think we will see a fairly close election. i endorsed quite some time ago governor romney because i think he is best equipped to dig us out of our fiscal and economic hole that we're in, in this country. as you mentioned in the introduction i was fortunate enough to serve not only as secretary of state but secretary of the treasury. i can tell you that the most important thing about america has been throughout its history, its economy.
3:24 pm
we can't be strong militarily, diplomatically or in any other way, politically unless we are strong economically. we now have a debt to gdp that is out of sight. we got to figure out some way to deal with that. when he was governor of massachusetts, romney worked with democrat. it can of course a blue state. he was republican governor and had to work with democrats. he successfully worked across the aisle in a bipartisan way and got things done. that is what we need today in the chief executive of the united states. leadership means number of things but one thing is bringing parties together an get them to act, take care of the nation's business the way people who sent them up to washington, d.c. expect. we haven't seen much of that in four years. we badly need it. >> bret: you headed up the
3:25 pm
effort in the recount. i remember it well. down in tallahassee. i talked to you down there in recall evident of bush in 2000. if this is as close as it may be, you know very well there are lawyers gearing up for plane fights to whatever state they may have to go to. what do you think about that? >> guest: well, i think that is in a perverse way, that is good. because back in 2000, at least on our side, on the republican side we weren't ready for that. we had not foreseen the election would be as close as it was. there would be a recount situation. you remember in 2000, that only happened after vice president war concedeed to governor bush. then withdrawn his concession. today, both campaigns learned the lesson from what happened
3:26 pm
in 2000. they research the laws of the swing states, the ones likely to be close. they have lawyers ready to go so they won't start out behind. there are three or four states today, bret, that require a recount if the result is within a certain number of percentage point. not unlikely we might have a recount in two or three states. that could trigger what happened in 2000. i don't expect it to happen. i hope it doesn't happen. it would be better for democracy if it doesn't happen. but you to be prepared for it. >> bret: thank you for your time. >> you're sure welcome. thank you, bret. >> bret: obama supporter said he is upset with the campaign hatred but wait until you hear what else he said.
3:27 pm
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>> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. civil rights icon who gave benediction at president obama inauguration says he believes all white people are going tohill. 91-year-old reverend joseph laurie told a group of obama
3:31 pm
supporters in georgia he is frightened by the level of hatred and bitterness coming out of the election. monroe county reporter writes "laurie said when he was a young militant he used to say all white folks were going to hell. then he mellowed and just said most of them were. now he said he is back to where he was." laurie attacked those black georgians who did not vote in the 2008 election. and criticized the national anthem as too militaristic. lowery is expected to give a news conference on the topic on friday. who women in dominican republic claim new jersey democratic senator menendez paid them for sex. they told the "daily caller" senator agreed to pay them $500 apiece and only paid them $100. menendez tells geraldo rivera that story is false, absolutely false and contrived. finally, if you have noticed, a lot more jokes about romney than president obama on late night tv, now there are numbers to back you up.
3:32 pm
new study finds governor romney was a favorite target by more than 2 to 1. david letterman, jay leno, fergson and fallen told 290 jokes about republicans. and 138 jokes about democrats. from late august to early october. the top five subjects were mitt romney, president obama, arnold schwarzenegger, bill clinton and paul ryan. ♪ ♪ >> bret: as we have been telling you, ohio is basically the epicenter of the presidential universe right now. no republican has ever won the white house without it. it's shaping up to possibly be the decideer this time. tonight, correspondent mike tobin takes us to a ohio school where the campaign is already over. and the winner declared. >> republicans and democrats both love america. >> as the world wants to know how ohio will vote, students at saint edward middle school
3:33 pm
lakewood took a shot. >> ohio was a question mark. i don't know if you remember that. >> through the mock election they picked president barack obama back in 2008, by eight points. again this year the exercise and practical prophecy is an attempt by the faculty to start the students down a path of engagement with the political process. it's met with as much enthusiasm as homecoming. >> this is are a responsibility as an american to make this decision. you know, i really sat down and i paid attention to the debates and i listened to what everyone had to say. >> concerns mirror those of the adult population. parents with struggling small businesses. >> one of the big parts of the presidential election is regulation on business. one of those issues is what i care about strongly. that affect my own life personally. >> they are concerned about the insecure employment. they listen to a president who once again promised change. >> i honestly don't believe that he is doing what he said he would do so it weighed on my decision heavily. >> they're frustrated with the
3:34 pm
dexterity of the world class politicians. >> it's not really clear on what you can side with, because they're not even giving a straight answer. >> so when the votes are counted -- >> the ax wall election results are reversed from the previous election. we have romney winning by a two-third majority. >> you need to put an asterisk by the final vote count because the election at st. ed's does not include the coveted female vote. it's an all boys' school. bret? >> bret: mike, thank you. so the students have it right? let me know on twitter. follow me. @bretbaier. stocks were up on wall street. dow gained 136. s&p 500 finished ahead 15. nasdaq was up 43. the top republican on senate environment committee blasting the obama administration for missing the deadline for disclosing the regulatory plans and the economic impact. oklahoma republican james inhof says the second straight legal deadline the white house missed. it missed hit the week.
3:35 pm
friday we take a special look at the coal industry. what it's up against. what is on the line in this election. fair and balanced look friday. on the coal industry. brace yourself for the possibility of another healthcare fight at the u.s. supreme court. believe it or not. the justice department is agreeing with liberty university that last summer's decision did not address several related issues. it says it does not oppose the school's request for a rehearing. if the supreme court grants the university's rehearing request, the case will first have to be heard at the fourth circuit court. we are approaching the final weekend and several of the battleground states are still in play, of course. that's why they are battlegrounds. we will talk to experts from three of the battleground states when we come back. [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh, this looks amazing! that's a good deal! [ man ] wow! it is so good! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15 entrees under $15, seafoodchicken and more! oo! the tilapia with roasted vegetables! i'mctually looking at the wd grilled chicken
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>> bret: battleground states, we have been doing it for three weeks and this is our third. bring in the special panel from three key states. rob christianson, political
3:39 pm
writer with news and observer of raleigh, north carolina. joe hallett of the columbus dispatch in ohio. from milwaukee, wisconsin, craig gilbert, washington bureau chief for "milwaukee journal sentinel." thank you for being here. start going around the horn. first to you, rob. in north carolina. the real clear politics average of polls down there, this is the average of five latest polls. mitt romney is up 49.8% to 46%. this is a lot closer than actually many republicans thought it would be at this point. >> well, north carolina is a curious battleground state. we don't have the presidential candidates here. president obama has not been here since the convention in charlotte. governor romney was here once when he met with reverend billy graham. the republicans had hoped to put this state out of play by the summer. that hasn't happened. governor romney does have a small lean here but it's within the margin of error, the most recent, the most
3:40 pm
recent polls. even without the candidates this has been, there has been a lot going on here. $70 million of tv ads spent here. there is a heavy, heavy ground game here, including hundreds of people from nearby southern states that have come in here to work for both campaigns. a lot of surrogates. even if we don't have the candidates here, friday, for example, jill biden is coming. the day before the election, michelle obama is coming in here. so we are having a tremendous amount of campaigning going on here. >> bret: okay, joe. go to ohio. it seems to be ground zero. the real clear politics average, there are nine polls included in this. 48.9% for president obama. 46.6% for romney. it seems almost every day there is something new out of ohio. what are you seeing on the ground there? >> i like north carolina. the candidates have been in ohio so much they literally have become pests. they will be here through the
3:41 pm
weekend. obama will be here monday in columbus with jay-z and bruce springstein. they are pulling out all the stops. what i see on the ground is a close race. i saw a poll today i trust that has dead even. the candidates now are in posture of going through the bases. because they are only about 2% of the voters here who are undecided. p there are hundds of volunteers doing that. i expect we'll see another 2% election here. if romney loses the presidency because he loses ohio by 2%. he will wake up every day for the rest of his life regretting that he did not choose senator rob portman of ohio as his running mate. he will also regret the
3:42 pm
editorial entitled "let driz go bankrupt." if obama loses by 2% for a simple reason. the magic is gone. after the drudgery of four years. after having g.o.p.ed fo governr years. the independents, the young people and tab republicans who ran in his arms in 2008, now have to be coaxed to do that. that is what the obama ground game is all about in ohio. >> bret: to be fair he didn't choose the title of editorial but you are right about the focus and northern part of your state, toledo. the democrats focus on that. back around to that. joe, gilbert in milwaukee, wisconsin. the real clear politics average for latest polls barack obama 50% to romney 45%. but boy, you hear the republicans talk about it. it seems closer than that. >> yeah, if mitt romney wins wisconsin by half a point he will be glad he picked punish
3:43 pm
ryan as the running mate. but it's a tough lift for republicans. they have had the string of victory, huge victory in 2010. a big recall victory that got ryan on the ticket. they're very organized, the republican base is motivated in wisconsin. but they are fighting a lot of history. this is the only state among the top nine battleground that voted democratic six elections in a row. obama won it by 14 points last time around. so there is a scramble for wisconsin, president obama will be here three times in the final week of the electio election. romney will be back tomorrow. is iit is his first visit since august. that is one question lurking here, you know, republicans senseed some mixed signals about their confidence in wisconsin. they have not flooded the zone here with the candidates the way george w. bush did in 2004. but we certainly expect a close and competitive election. >> bret: joe, back in ohio, you know a lot of people talk about enthusiasm. what are you seeing in the
3:44 pm
state of ohio enthusiasm wise? >> well, before the first debate, i thought that obama had almost put this election away. but he blew the first debate. it's hard to say how the hurricane impacted that. froze the race in place. there is less enthusiasm for obama this time for sure. romney has more than mccain had in 2008. >> bret: then in north carolina, what about the machine on both sides? >> we have had 1.4 million early voters. the obama organization never closed up shot from 2008. critical in north carolina. one thing that makes north
3:45 pm
carolina interesting is that it has the largest african-american population of any of the battleground states. >> bret: last word, craig. machine in wisconsin? >> yeah, well, wisconsin is the highest turn-out state of the battlegrounds and it's very organized, engaged mobilized state as we have been watching in the last two years. i think both sides know how to maximize their vote. it will be a test for democrats, because clearly people are not as energized as they were four years ago. but i think we're going to see a sky high turn-out. it will remind people of 2004, which is a very close election. >> bret: you want to make predictions for your states? okay. crickets chirping here. okay. rob, joe, craig, thank you very much. we really enjoyed the panels. thanks a lot. next up, breaking news on the libya scandal. jennifer grin will join us with news just coming as we speak. keep it here. bob...
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. we have been saying the libya scand is breaking by the day. it's actually by the minute. joined now by national security correspondent jennifer griffin on the phonement good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, bret. fox news learned this evening that top administration officials decided on the night of september 11 after the attack on the benghazi consulate had begun, not to call together the counterterrorism security group, the csg, which is a group of interagency counter terrorism specialists that specialize in hostage situation and counter terror attack on u.s. interest. that decision according to the senior military officials as
3:50 pm
well as intelligence officials may have stymied response in aftermath of the benghazi attack. according to the senior military officials, a fest, foreign emergency support team made up of the enter agency groups from the state department and cia and d.o.d., that team was decided not to send the team to coordinate on the ground response to help facilitate the f.b.i. interest in benghazi. you remember it took 24 days the f.b.i. team sent to gain access to compound if benghaz benghazi. we understand that secretary clinton did call to the f.b.i. on the night of the attack and ask that agents be sent. but at that point, the counterterrorism officials are
3:51 pm
baffled in the wake of the decision on that night and days afterwards by the administration not calling together this very senior counter terrorism security group, bret? >> bret: again, they were not called upon. they were not activated and they would have been in a situation like this. >> this is a group, not just the csg but the fest team, after the embassies were attacked in africa in 1998 and the u.s. cole was attacked, the team is deployed usually. they weren't deployed and the counterterrorism security group was not put in place. there is a degree of frustration as to why the top levels of the administration were not willing to call the terror group together. >> bret: okay. jennifer griffin with breaking
3:52 pm
news. we'll follow this, more on the fox report in a. by welcome the all-star panel. steve hayes for "weekly standard." mara liasson national political correspondent of the national public radio. and fred barnes executive editor of "weekly standard" as well. talk all about the 2012. get a little bit of that but start with this. catherine herridge had interesting document from august. this is breaking about all of this, cbs told is moving this as well. that the security group not called in action. >> we seem to get to the point where everybody is paying attention to the story. a big story from person policy magazine. kind of story to make those
3:53 pm
inside the beltway to take notice. documents found on the ground of the consulate on octobe october 26, seven weeks after the attack described the letters in which the u.s. ambassador and others in the consulate were asking for additional security because they had seen a police officer who is charged with guarding the compound casing the compound instead. sent letters to the libyan officials, made requests to american officials asking for security. this is a big deal story, because it took -- why in the world would they be able to find these documents on the floor of the consulate. after the f.b.i. has done its investigation. >> bret: now, as you know, we spend a lot of time putting the timelines together, doing the hours. and trying to tell people what happened in order. for five days before an
3:54 pm
election, as this is flying at people. now perhaps some news organization for the first time people are seeing this. how does this register? >> i think that for it to register in the final days, i think romney has to talk about it. i can't think of any other way. he started talking about it, he made two runs at it. might not have been as successful as we wanted but he never made a third, especially as the information started to get to be a real mountain of it. instead of the first indense. if he doesn't talk about it, i don't know if it breaks the cluter in last five days. it will go on the election after it happens, the investigation will continue. i don't see any alternative. >> i agree it can affect the outcome of the campaign. we know that even more now how
3:55 pm
inadequate and unserious the response of the white house was. there is a column in the "washington post" saying that the president had to answer questions. this puts pressure on the white house it hasn't had before. only five days left, but it's getting difficult for the president to continue to duck this. >> bret: i want to put the importance of the two things reported on two nights. one is herron's document last night suggesting that the document went to the white house saying the emergency meeting, dealt with the security that the white house should have known before the attack. two, the security situation, what happened the night of the president said he ordered everything to be done, that needed to be done that night. this suggests that perhaps it wasn't. steve, you have 15 seconds. >> absolutely. it plainly wasn't. we know that from any of the number of pieces of evidence. but particularly including this. if you don't convene this
3:56 pm
senior counterterrorism group to help you respond to the situation who exists to respond to these situations, problem for the white house. >> bret: we'll stay on the story. that is it for the panel. see unusual campaign tactic. victor! iot your campbell's chunky soup. mom? who's mom? i'm the giants mascot. eat up! new jammin jerk chicken soup has tasty pieces of chicken with rice and beans. you know the giants don't have a mascot right mom? [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. you know the giants don'wooohooo....hahaahahaha!m? oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha!
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take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, undecided voters will likely make a huge difference tuesday. each campaign is of course, trying to reach out and get those voters to the polls. but apparently abc did a story about a high tech obama campaign effort to took down your neighbors who have not voted. >> stand right here in this denver neighborhood on that obama application we downloaded you can see a flag showing the location of the undecided voters. once the house is located, campaign workers move in and pinpoint the target. once inside, the undecided voters are gently persuaded to choose a candidate and make a decision. [ laughter ]


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